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Bringing hands-on trade skills back to schools across america

Wrenching For The Future

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Our mission is to show kids there are alternatives and to teach them to work with their hands and build cool stuff.

— Roger E Quast, Founding Board President

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— Erin Quast, Secretary/Treasurer
In order to move our programs forward we need help from generous people like you. A one time or reoccuring monitary show of support will keep WFTF working with kids and keeping the trades alive! Copy this link or use the donation button at the bottom of this page.
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About Us

SCHOOL BUILDS 2021: Round Valley High School - April 2021 - Springerville, AZ Ranken Technical - TBD - St. Louis, MO
We are living in the digital age, where technology opens the door to a wide variety of employment opportunities for future generations. Unfortunately, the advancements in technology leaves a void in the workforce that has only been amplified by the widespread removal of vocational classes in high schools. The Wrenching for the Future program is dedicated to promoting skilled labor trades, in lieu of a typical four-year college, in an effort to create more jobs for today’s youth. The harsh reality is that a degree from a four-year college often leaves the student in a tremendous amount of debt, with a high percentage of graduates still struggling to find satisfaction in their career path. Meanwhile, skilled labor trades are in high demand, offering excellent pay and other great benefits that can provide a rewarding, lifelong career The Wrenching for the Future works through a couple of different programs: Build a Rat Rod in 1 week; WFTF High School Challenge; and hopefully soon a Semi Truck/Trailer with training stations, allowing students to learn about fabrication, mechanics and upholstery, in addition to general problem-solving and creative thinking. The quick turn-around in some programs is practical for both the school and the program, and it allows for a swell of social media activity during the the time the kids are working. When a 1 week build is finished or the High School Challenge is complete, in some cases the vehicle is auctioned off to create a scholarship fund for prospective tech school students in the area where the build took place. While these funds help generate a scholarship program, the Wrenching for the Future program is still in need of monetary assistance to be used for supplies, donor cars, transportation and other purposes along the course of each build. Sponsorship options are plentiful, as the 2022 goal is to have a semi trailer outfitted with training stations that a group of students can complete in an an afternoon and walk away with exposure to many automotive building skills. At the end of the day, our goal is to encourage youth to participate in a hands-on build in hope that it creates a desire for a career in the automotive field. We hope you can join us on this journey to bring shop class back to America one rat rod at a time.
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Current Sponsors

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We need to thank these sponsors who have donated to Wrenching For The Future in an amount of $500.00 or more. Without your donations and/or sponsorships our programs are at risk. Please consider becoming a sponsor and your business identity can be seen here just like these generous folks!
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Sponsorship Opportunites

There are opportunities for your company to be involved in the Wrenching for the Future program, with options for product donations, monetary sponsorships and marketing trade-outs. All contributions go directly toward enhancing the experience for the students and schools, while also providing excellent marketing exposure for your company through social media and print media.

Why you should work with us

Teaching young people how to work with their hands and with tools will ensure the future of our skilled trades and bridge the skills gap.
TESTIMONIALS: “The week of my build was 100 mph. My car was the first build for WFTF and I kept thinking how are we gonna do this in four days? They brought kids from every class and had almost a quarter of the school helping THE WHOLE TIME, having every single kid that wanted to do something on the car there. It was awesome…a group of guys and women with a passion for cars bringing young kids together and teaching us to build cool stuff with our hands. It was the best week I’d ever had.” – Dylan J. “My experience with the guys from Wrenching for the Future had a huge impact on my life and career. When Wrenching for the Future came to my school and built The Ratillac with us, they taught me a lot about wrenching and welding. The experiences I had building that rat rod solidified my love for the trades, and welding and wrenching in particular. Those are memories I will remember forever.” – Caleb B.
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Contact Us

Wrenching For The Future is a 501c3 registered non profit charity.
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4877 Northbrook Blvd N, Stillwater, MN 55082
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